Around the world, thousands of children are deciding their Sixth Form subject options, a significant milestone in their lives and one which is important to get right.

At Tanglin Trust School, we have all bases covered. We are the only school in Singapore to offer both the IB Diploma and A Levels at Sixth Form, meaning we can cater for students who wish to intensively study 3-4 specialist subjects by taking A Levels, and those who would prefer to cover a broad and balanced programme of study across six subjects, as offered by the IB Diploma. Many students’ choices will be dictated by what they want to do after graduating, so we are keen to ensure that our Year 11 students make choices at school that are right for their futures. Our aim is for all our students to flourish right from the start of their first weeks in Sixth Form. In offering a robust and bespoke Post-16 Pathways guidance programme at Tanglin, we ensure that all our students and parents are well supported and informed before deciding their pathway and subject choices. To find out how Tanglin supports families, what students should consider when deciding on their pathway and where students go on to apply for university, please click here: