To celebrate the100th anniversary of his birth, here at BSKL we had a wonderfully 'Dahlicious' day. The children and their parents went to 'Enormous Crocodile' Lengths to ensure that their children looked 'Fantastic Mr Fox!'

Lessons throughout the day in the whole of the primary school took on a Roald Dahl theme, even PE joined in with the fun making their lessons have a Roald Dahl flavour! Lunchtime was a 'marvelous' feast with delights such as wormy spaghetti, delicious dahl, Enormous Crocodile fish, and many other culinary delights all washed down with a glass of James' Giant Peach juice! On a more serious note it was lovely to see the parents, staff and especially the children so enthused about books and reading. We also had a book shop in school selling only Roald Dahl books and well over 10,000RM of books were sold, that equates to many, many hours of enjoyment for the children! To sum it up, the day was the spoonful of sugar that helped 'George's Marvelous Medicine' go down a treat!