UWC South East Asia - East Campus

Singapore, Singapore

UWCSEA is a not-for-profit K-12 school in Singapore with a passionate belief in the importance of education as a force for good in the world. Our goal is to educate individuals to embrace challenge and take responsibility for shaping a better world.

Ages taught:

4 — 18

School size:

1177 boys, 1300 girls

School type:



  • Day
  • Flexi Boarding
  • Weekly Boarding
  • Full Boarding


  • International Baccalaureate
  • Other


Jonathan Carter

Job title:

Director of Admissions

Accreditations and memberships:

  • UWC Movement
  • Round Sqaure
  • IB World School
  • CIS Member & CIS/WASC Accreditation Candidate School
  • Cambridge International Examination Centre
  • EdExcel Examination Centre
  • ECIS Member
  • Registered School: Singapore Council for Private Education
  • Boarding Schools Association (UK)
  • Australian Boarding Schools Association
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UWCSEA has been at the forefront of international schools in Singapore for over 40 years. Our programme is globally connected, mission driven and richly embedded within South East Asia. Our campus resonates with positive energy, commitment to action, discovery, innovation and leadership and students are engaged in their learning, supported by enthusiastic and caring staff:

Teaching at UWCSEA in Singapore

Senior management

Chris Edwards - Head of College

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School description

Welcome to the passionate, engaging and effervescent UWCSEA. Please do stop reading if you’re looking for a one-dimensional exam factory, a by-the-numbers international school or a quiet escape from the world.

There is no flag over our door. We are an unsectarian community of 90 nationalities, crackling and fizzing with life, and with no time for the narrow education offered by those living in fear of graphs and tables. “A single candle can light a thousand others without diminishing its own lustre,” said the Buddha. We agree. 

However, there is no question of compromise in any one area. Take academics for instance. The highest ranking universities in the world receive our students. Around 130 students score above 40 points in the IB Diploma each year. Hurrah. But for other students, a lower score and a new, exciting home other than Harvard or Oxford is an equal or even greater achievement. We do not hide that fact: we celebrate it. So hurrah again, only louder.

We learn, reflect and grow on two campuses under the aegis of an unambiguous mission that delivers a values driven education. Five elements – academics, activities, outdoor education, personal and social education and service – are fused so that students are equipped with the skills, ambition and compassion to impact ethically and significantly in a global context.

A true measure of a school is not what its students are doing when they are 18: it is what have they have done when they are 80. We believe our students need the education we provide, but more than that, we believe the world needs our students. Do come and visit us. We’re a busy, happy,  unique community, and you’ll be made very welcome.


60 seconds at UWCSEA in Singapore

Class sizes

Kindergarten average class size:


Primary average class size:


Secondary average class size:


Sixth form average class size:


Kindergarten teacher/pupil ratio:

1 : 10

Primary teacher/pupil ratio:

1 : 10

Secondary teacher/pupil ratio:

1 : 10

Sixth form teacher/pupil ratio:

1 : 10

Term dates

  • 2016/2017
  • 15/08/16 - 16/12/16
  • 09/01/17 - 31/03/17
  • 17/04/17 - 21/06/17

Academic information

Curriculum followed:

  • International Baccalaureate
  • Other

Examinations board:

IB, Cambridge, AQA, Edexcel

Higher education:

99% of students progress to higher education

University destinations:

Students have gone on to study first-choice courses in 113 different institutions in 16 countries - US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Ireland, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Mexico

Sports and extra-curricular activities


Sport is an integral part of life at UWCSEA. We offer a pathway for sporting development from Kindergarten through Grade 12 in a wide range of individual and team sports that cater to a variety of interests and levels of performance. Our campuses have superb indoor and outdoor sporting facilities which provide a wide range of competitive, development and recreational sports to be offered throughout the year.
East Campus runs representative teams in badminton, basketball, climbing, cross country, cricket (Junior School and Middle School boys), football, golf, gymnastics, netball (Junior School and Middle School girls), rugby

Extra-curricular activities:

Activities are a vital part of student life and learning. Activities invigorate the life of the College by bringing students together for creative, athletic, leadership and numerous other endeavours.
The school year is divided into four activity seasons, allowing students to explore a wide variety of interests each year, including sports, arts (drama, visual arts, music), leadership, clubs and special interests.


Admission process:

UWCSEA has had an annual application cycle. This means that each September, families can apply for entry the following August. It’s not possible to put your name down years in advance, although you can visit us and/or sign-up on our list of interested families so we can let you know when applications open or open days are coming up each year..

Admission and language criteria:

Families complete a detailed online application profile, and submit detailed reports in English. Applicants in Grade 6 and above need to complete a handwritten student statement and may need to sit assessments. High School and all Boarding applicants are interviewed and participate in group forums with current students.

Access specimen exam paper:


Bursaries and scholarships




Please apply via UWC National Committee in your home country for UWC scholarships worldwide.


Full boarding:




Jonathan Carter

Job title:

Director of Admissions

Further information

UWC South East Asia is a member of the UWC movement – a global collective of 15 schools and colleges who share a common mission. We share a strong commitment to the educational principles of Kurt Hahn, the German educationalist who founded the movement, as well as Round Square, Outward Bound and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

We have a passionate belief in the importance of education as a force for good in the world. This belief informs every aspect of the learning programme offered at UWCSEA.

UWC mission
The UWC movement makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

UWCSEA educational goal
The UWCSEA goal is to educate individuals to embrace challenge and take responsibility for shaping a better world.

UWCSEA ambition
UWCSEA will be a leader in international education. We will have a worldwide reputation for providing a challenging, holistic, values-based education with an emphasis upon academic achievement, service to others, environmental stewardship, teamwork and leadership.

The UWCSEA community expects members to:
• be honest and act with integrity
• avoid prejudice by developing views based on evidence, reasoning and understanding
• be compassionate and morally responsible
• embrace challenge in order to maximise their potential
• help other people
• take an interest in and enjoy friendship with people of all cultures and backgrounds
• minimise their harmful impact on the environment

Students, parents, staff, Board members and alumni are all considered to be part of the UWCSEA community.

Please go to this link to read the Winter's Q+A for UWCSEA:




1 Tampines Street 73, -



Post/Zip Code:



+ 65 6305 5345

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