As unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyles become more and more widespread, it’s vital that students and adults alike are aware of ways to stave off unhealthy habits and the consequences that they bring. As part of a recent project, a group of Year 10 IGCSE students took it upon themselves to promote the message of healthy eating to Year 3 YCIS Beijing students, educating them on healthy and unhealthy foods to help ensure they make the right dietary choices when they’re older.

We spoke with this class of Year 10 students to hear more about their activity, plus gain some insights of our own on what foods presumed healthy we should try to cut out of our diet. Please introduce the workshop that you led the Year 3’s in. What activities did you lead? What subjects did you discuss? For the past month, our Global Perspectives class has been working on a group project for our IGCSE Global Perspectives portfolio. We chose, after a lot of research and debate, the topic of healthy diet and raising awareness about the topic. We decided we wanted to lead an activity in the school to raise awareness. The Year 3 workshop involved a couple of activities to see what they are aware of and see what they don’t know, and to help them become aware of this topic and the issues surrounding it from an earlier age. We led three activities. First, we split them into groups, and they had to draw a food of their choice with their group without telling anyone else. They then came up to the board and the others had to guess what they might have drawn. We also drew a food pyramid on the whiteboard with different sections, like protein, vegetables, junk food, etc. The kids came up one by one to stick various foods on the board in the section they thought the food belonged in. Last, we split the room in half. One corner was the yes section the other the no section. We asked the kids questions about whether or not a food was healthy, then they’d divide themselves according to whether they thought it was healthy or not. These were great activities as they inspired a lot of debate amongst the kids!